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Runway Fitness is female-owned and led by working fashion models with backgrounds in fitness and athletics.

Our method pairs low-impact full-body workouts with a focus on hip, leg, and waist reduction. While the methodology was fine-tuned on model clients with precise goals, it works for all women looking for a long, lean, toned body without the look of bulking up. 

Plans & Pricing

  • RF Annual Access

    Every year
     3 day free trial
    • Unlimited Access to On Demand Workout Videos
    • 10 free Live Virtual Classes
    • Access to our Community Forum
    • 20% off Live Virtual Classes
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RUNWAY on the GO

Runway Fitness is a unique, but fun and functional approach to exercise. This method can be done anywhere with little to no equipment at all.

So many people work out hard but against their body goals. A bodybuilder wouldn’t exclusively do yoga and pilates, just as a cyclist wouldn’t exclusively do heavy lifting. The same applies for anyone that’s going for more of a runway model body type.

"I love that I can do these anywhere and anytime. It's so helpful when I'm traveling!" Plus the results are super quick, I've lost 2 in off my waist alone. 

Emily S.

"If you want to get stronger while slimming down, this is the workout for you! I never get bored because there are so many workout options."

Sarah O.

"After years of doing different kinds of workouts, I finally have the lean & toned look I've always wanted. Runway fitness is 100% the best thing you can do to achieve that look." 

Alexis T