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"To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art."

Vegan Bowl

It’s no secret that diet and exercise go hand and hand, adopting the correct dietary and exercise routine is crucial in achieving the body you want. We have teamed up with Jenn Likover, Registered Dietitian, to offer comprehensive individualized nutrition consultations and personalized nutrition programs. 

Have a question for Jenn? Shoot her an email! 

Nutrition Packages

  • New Member Nutrition

    *New Member Only Nutritional Call with our Dietitian
    • *Must have a monthly or annual subscription to purchase
    • Initial assessment to understand your specific goals
    • Personalized nutrition recommendations and strategies
    • Address any nutrition related questions/concerns/inquiries
    • $95 towards any other consultation offering within 30 days
  • Real Food Reset

    5 Day Reset Program to Realign Nutrition (Great Event Prep)
    • 60 min. virtual meeting to go over the 5 Day Reset Program
    • Daily support from RD during the reset program
    • 30 min. phone call with RD post reset to recap and
    • discuss long term nutrition strategies
    • Live Class Pack of 5
  • 30 Day Reset

    Designed for those looking to make lasting changes in their diet
    • 60 min. virtual meeting to go over the 30-day Reset Protocol
    • Specific weekly nutrition goals and focuses
    • Weekly meal plans and recipes to support that week’s goals
    • Weekly 30-minute check in calls with the RD
    • Ongoing support with the RD during the course of the reset
    • 1 Month Unlimited Live and On Demand Classes
    • *Monthly RF subscribers will receive a credit for one month
  • Personalized Nutrition Consult & Program

    Custom Nutrition Program designed for you in response to your specific goals
    • 60 min. virtual meeting with RD
    • This virtual session will explore your individual weight,
    • measurement and health goals and provide you with the
    • education and tools required to meet these goals.
    • This plan will include macronutrient recommendations, sample
    • meal plans, recipes, etc.
  • Nutrition Concierge

    Every month
    Monthly customized support
    • Weekly virtual meeting check-ins
    • Daily food log review and feedback
    • 24/7 access via email, text, phone to answer any questions
    • Must have previously purchased one of RF nutrition options
    • Access to all On Demand videos included
  • Follow Up Nutrition Call

    Follow up call with Jenn to continue after any consultation level.
    Valid for 2 years
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