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Meet The Team

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Erin Benton
  • Instagram

Erin Benton is the founder and owner of Runway Fitness, a second generation of the Model Fitness Method™, which was developed over a decade ago serving women in the modeling industry looking to achieve and maintain specific measurements and a healthy and toned physique. With her desire to lead and her enthusiasm for fitness and female empowerment, Erin enthusiastically takes on the role of operating and leading a group of enthusiastic female fitness instructors.

In her free time, you can find Erin demoing for a live class, binging the latest streaming show, or watching her daughters compete and perform in dance and gymnastics.

Kiersten Dolbec Silver
Fitness Instructor
  • Instagram

Kiersten has been modeling for a decade starting in Dallas before she expanded her career to New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, and South America.


She credits the Model Fitness Method™ for her career longevity. She’s also a Stand Up Comedian, so she makes sure to bring laughter into her fitness instructing. Kiersten and her husband now live between New York and Texas with their son, daughter, and dog Marlowe.

Zandria Theis
Fitness Instructor
  • Instagram

Zandria Theis has been in the modeling industry for 10 years starting when she was just
14 years old in Dallas, Texas. Getting into modeling at such a young age, she found out
how important it was to stay healthy in a world that focuses so much on body image.
Finding the Model Fitness Method™ was the most important part of that journey.

Zandria is now based in Los Angeles pursuing her modeling career while also tapping
into all her interests, including fitness and costume design. When Zandria isn’t modeling
or instructing for Runway Fitness, you can find her goofing off with her husband and dog

Jessica Klein
Fitness Instructor
  • Instagram

Jessica was named by Park Cities People as 20 under 40 most influential in Dallas for her innovative and accessible approach to wellness and is a published cookbook author—her second book due later this year.


She is certified by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) in personal training as well as pre & post natal fitness. In addition, she also has 200YTT from Strala Yoga. Jessica has been modeling for over two decades and credits the Model Fitness Method™  with repairing her torn abdominal muscles after her third pregnancy and propelling her into lingerie modeling. Jessica throws out the old adage “no pain, no gain” and believes life is meant to be enjoyed, living as young as possible for as long as possible through a whole lifestyle approach.

Katie Tetreault
Fitness Instructor
  • Instagram

Katie began Runway Fitness as a client at a time her environment was constantly changing. She traveled across the United States with her boyfriend and found the content of the classes and their accessibility fit perfectly for her lifestyle and goals.


Runway Fitness allows her to maintain shape for her modeling career with MMG and IMD because the Model Fitness Method focuses on long lean muscles and burning overall body fat for a toned body without the bulk. This regimen also aligned with her preparation when competing in the Miss USA pageant system. Prior to modeling and competing in the Miss USA pageant system, she focused on traditional bodybuilding movements in a commercial gym and was an NPC bikini competitor. She later realized she was not going to achieve the many goals she had – the most important one being comfortable in her own skin. So here she is now to share everything she’s learned and motivate each client to be confident in their own skin, wherever they are in their journey. She received her group class certification through ACE, and is ready to help you reach your goals!

Brittany Carel
Fitness Instructor
  • Instagram

Brittany is a model of a decade, wellness enthusiast, and long time Model Fitness Method™ client. Early in Brittany’s modeling career she struggled with exercising without bulking, and the Model Fitness Method™ helped her transform her body composition. Brittany has discovered the best results from intuitive eating and daily movement.


Brittany is based in Los Angeles where she is pursuing her modeling and acting career. While simultaneously being the best cat mom and home chef. She received her group class certification through ACE, and is ready to help you reach your goals!

Jenn Likover, RD
  • Instagram

Jenn has over 10 years experience as a Registered Dietitian and has a Masters in Clinical Nutrition from The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas (UTSW). Jenn completed her dietetic internship at UTSW Medical Center and worked at UTSW as a clinical dietitian before starting her concierge nutrition counseling private practice. Jenn’s passion is to develop a nutrition program for each client that allows them to achieve their health and body goals while still enjoying a balanced and full life. Jenn’s approach is personalized and based on scientific evidence and her vast nutrition education and clinical experience.

Jenn loves being active and in addition to practicing the Model Fitness Method™ for over a decade, she enjoys running, hiking, yoga, barre and road biking. Jenn resides between Dallas and Aspen with her husband and 2 bulldogs.

Lark Kelly
Fitness Instructor
  • Instagram

Lark, a USC graduate and long-time client of Runway Fitness, transitioned from CrossFit enthusiast to dedicated demo model and fitness instructor. Her journey took an exciting turn when she was discovered by a modeling agent at a competition, leading to opportunities in LA, New York, and Miami fashion weeks and editorial modeling in New York City. Through this new journey, she embraced the Model Fitness Method™ for safer workouts, finding success with its elongating and toning routines accessible via Zoom.


Originally from Palm Springs, with experiences in Los Angeles, Australia, and now New York, Lark balances law school, a burgeoning modeling career, and her role as a fitness instructor. She dreams of merging her legal expertise with her passion for high fashion, aspiring to be in-house counsel for a renowned brand.


At Runway Fitness, Lark found more than a workout regime; it’s a nurturing, women-focused community promoting holistic wellness. It fosters friendships and a supportive environment for sustainable lifestyle changes. 

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